Friday, January 19, 2007

What is Thursday Night Gumbo?

It all started with The Iliad.

Having both read Homer's epic a few months before the movie Troy was released, we were interested in seeing how the struggle between Achilles and Hector played out on the big screen.

Never having the chance to see it in the theaters (thankfully), we watched it one Thursday night in November 2005.

In the course of the after-movie discussion (we both despised Troy), the movie We Were Soldiers came up. Vehige had seen it and loved it, but Woodward hadn't. So we decided to get together on another Thursday night and watch it.

Now we had seen a movie neither one of us had seen, then a movie Vehige had seen but Woodward hadn't, so it seemed only logical that Woodward pick a movie for us to watch that he'd seen but Vehige hadn't. He picked Hitchcock's The Lady Vanishes, which Vehige loved, and that's how our Thursday night movie watching started.

For the last year, we've stuck to this rotation -- mutual pick, Vehige's pick, Woodward's pick -- and, consequently, we've both seen some very good movies neither one of us would have picked on our own.

So where does the "Gumbo" part fit in?

Well, Vehige learned to make pretty good gumbo when he lived in a monastery with two guys from New Orleans, and during the winter it's something he make for us on a semi-regular basis.

Besides that, gumbo itself is symbolic for these movie nights, for gumbo is a mixture of things, and that's usually how these nights go.

Discussion about the movie often leads to discussions about theology, philosophy, history, baseball, art, popular culture . . . you name it.

Once, we ended up skipping the movie entirely as we talked until 1:00 in the morning about divine providence, creation, human free will, and the possibility of a universal salvation.

Needless to say, our wives are glad that we're friends.

So welcome to our blog. We'll be talking about the movies we watch, of course, as well as the books we read. Look to the sidebar to keep abreast of what we're watching and reading.

And please join in on our conversation if you'd like.