Thursday, July 31, 2008

Vehige: Six Quirks

Since we've been tagged twice over (by Maclin Horton and Steven McEvoy), I should probably play along. I'll refer you to Woodward's post for the rules and regulations. Here it goes:

1. I hate McDonald's. I rather go hungry than eat anything from McDonald's. Yes, that includes their shakes. Especially their shakes.

2. I’m obsessive about fonts. I’ll spend fifteen minutes deciding on a font before actually writing anything. And I’ve been known (only to myself, that is -- until now) to stop writing in order to screw around with the document’s font. It’s for these reasons that I have to make an act of self-denial whenever I’m in Office Max and not buy the 1000 Font CD.

3. I own so many books I haven't read that sometimes I'll spend days trying to decide what to read next.

4. Though I have absolutely no attachment to television, I can waste hours on You Tube.

5. Oreo's are off-limits in our house. I can eat a bag of Oreo's in one sitting. Without giving it a second thought.

6. If it wasn't for my wife and kids, I'd smoke. Two packs a day, baby.

As far as tagging someone, I'll pick Keith Strohm, Keith Rickert, Jr., Alicia, Snuffles the Dragon, Sara, and Peter.