Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Blogs Old and New

Solitary blogging -- as Mortimer Adler famously said about solitary reading -- can indeed be as horrible as solitary drinking. And yet there arise circumstances when all three solitary endeavors become either necessary or convenient. Such is the case now with Thursday Night Gumbo. While Vehige and I still get together more or less regularly to eat dinner, watch movies, and solve the world's problems, we are finding it harder and harder to set aside time for the chronicling of our evenings' dialogues that this blog was originally intended to document.

I have become the primary high-school curriculum teacher for my oldest two daughters. And Vehige, while continuing his yeoman service as a stay-at-home dad, has also become the de facto director of religious education and RCIA director for the parish in which he and I are both members. As those of you who check in here with any regularity have noticed, those burgeoning responsibilities now leave us little time to pontificate and argue in this space as regularly as we used to.

And so some changes must be made. "To live is to change, and to be perfect is to have changed often," as Venerable John Henry Newman once observed. Thursday Night Gumbo will remain as a blog where Vehige and I can comment on topics with respect to which we have individual -- and probably divergent -- opinions, whether theological, aesthetic, or cultural. For instance, this will be the appropriate forum for our eventual cage match debate on the subject of Molinism. (Whenever you think you're man enough, Vehige.)

In the meantime, my own ruminations on a dazzling variety of subjects will be found from now on at my own blog, The Coming and Passing of Things, where I can address topics such as opera, and boxing, and the rightful succession to the British throne, and my pomegranate crop, without sarcastic comments from Vehige.